Accepted Papers

The following papers were accepted for GreenComm'09, listed in alphabetical order by paper title:

  • A Novel Wireless Wake-up Mechanism for Energy-efficient Ubiquitous Networks
  • A Simulation Study of a New Green BitTorrent
  • Distributed Multi-cell Power Allocation Algorithem for Energy Efficiency in OFDMA Relay Systems
  • Energy Profile Aware Routing
  • Energy-aware Backbone Networks: a Case Study
  • Energy-efficient Multiaccess Dissemination Networks
  • Inverse Class F Power Amplifier for WiMAX Applications with 74% Efficiency at 2.45 GHz
  • On power optimization in DSL systems
  • On the User Performance of LTE UE Power Savings Schemes with Discontinuous Reception in LTE
  • Optimal Energy Savings in Cellular Access Networks
  • Performance Constrained Power Consumption Optimization in Distributed Network Equipment
  • Performance of the IEEE 802.16e sleep mode mechanism in the presence of bidirectional traffic
  • Power Efficient Approach and Performance Control for Routers
  • Time for a "Greener" Internet